A downloadable game for Windows

This is an early version that aspires to be a game with systemic approach to spellcasting that serves for exploration and combat in first person relying on different system interactions and player quick thinking.

At the moment there is an opening tutorial sequence and a whole level with 3 possible escape routes.

Keep in mind  that this is a very early version and it's a slightly developed proof of concept, it's very unpolished and runs badly on most computers.

And is my twitter if you want to follow closely the development process.

Known Bugs:

  • Random crash caused by flying bots
  • Flying bots never stop aggroing you
  • Navigation system might not load making big robots to not move at all, ever (going back to tower and then back to mines might fix it)


*new* Project Sorceress_64bit.7z 390 MB


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