A downloadable game for Windows

RAD is a 3D action-adventure game with platforms, traps, enemies and secrets. Through this demo you will be able to explore a dungeon, fight evil foes and find treasures.

This game is inspired by games like classic Zelda, Legacy of Kain and Demon's Souls.

This is a student project developed by 3 Artists, 3 Animators, 2 programmers and 1 designer in 6 months. As soon as the university assignment ended it wasn't developed further.

In RAD you are some kind of agent who entered in a virtually recreated medieval dungeon. This dungeon is under the attack of a virus and your objective is to eliminate its host.

There is a control layout in-game, you can turn it off and change it in case you are using KB+M or controller. You can also use the numbers 1,2,3 or the D-pad direction buttons to give orders to your drone companion.


Install instructions

The game will probably download and install a small Visual Studio update. If it doesn't, let me know as soon as possible please.


Random Access Dungeon.7z 64bits 317 MB
Random Access Dungeon.7z 32bits 303 MB


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i almost got there

> The game will probably download and install a small Visual Studio update.

It doesn't. Doesn't run without it either.

oh my god, dude. I've been following this game as it has progressed, and I've been in love since I first started playing<3

Thank you, next version will be available the 8th of next month. And it would be a finished student project.

What comes after that? Who knows.


I want to see this on Steam Greenlight!

It also would be nice to select a character gender, but don't forget about this: http://kotaku.com/how-video-game-breasts-are-made-... IT'S IMPORTANT. :P

If this was an RPG it would definitely have gender options and other customizable stuff. But this is more like a somewhat linear action adventure game like Zelda Oot or WW.

However, the idea of the character is that he is a representation of a "real" person outside the game, not you as player but the real Main Character. He is a male and in every different world his avatar would have different clothes, constitution and, why not, maybe gender if that adds something interesting to the world and game design.

Because, you know, part of the purpose of the game and one of the reasons of why every world is different is because it would play different, would have different artstyle and would represent different situations to the player as well as give us freedom to create the worlds we want. We want to experiment a lot with that and changing the gender of the character would be an interesting twist.

Oh, haven't thought the character will change on the way. That would be interesting!

I tried to leap-of-faith my way down to the floating platform past the secret door near the final room, but missed twice.

Really nice level design. Player animations are really stiff. The windup before attacks and rolls feels too long.

My character stays locked on to dead enemies until they go away.

I found what seemed like a secret wall that flickered when I touched it. I could see something past but couldn't open it. hard to tell if any graphic glitches are real errors or just part of the theming.

Add a few more landmarks in some of the connecting halls and rooms. Hard to tell where a shortcut appears, sometimes.

That floating platform is the one you are after the tutorial section, where you see the "bridge-gate" opening, you can't see the part with forest because it unloads after you enter the castle, will be fixed in the future.

Glitches are not really a thing you're supossed to interact to but they can give hints about secret places, the theme is that you are in a simulated corrupt world and this glitches are kinda of the proof that things aren't going well, but I have to work on a lot more things to merge that well in the game.

I know I have to work more on shortcuts when they appear, right now I can only use visual feedback for that to happen but sound cues could make this a lot easier. It's kinda hard because for example in the first Zelda you can see the full room all the time, so if a secret appears you will notice, but in a 3D space, large at times, it's kinda hard without forcing the camera.

Would be better if you had more control over attacks and stuff, it doesn't feel very responsive! The visual effects are awesome, though, gj on those shaders

Yeah, I'm aware that the combat feels super amateur right now. With the final animations and tweaks here and there we'll change it until it feels good.

It also lacks juice, the enemy animations for receiving hits are quite subtle and they don't have any extra fx for feedback yet. But thanks for playing!

Got through the updated version, I miss the cones.

Found all 100 currency this time around, and I do like the extra stuff put in like the holes in the ceiling to let light in.

Only ever found 97 currency, went over the damn thing 3 times to try and find the last chest.

Neat idea though. Could make it a physics based dungeon game where the hammers and such are meant to launch you to different places, which would make it original in its own way.

Eh thanks for playing. I assure you there are 100 of currency, still, quite a big number. Very few people that I've walked to found more than 40~50.

Hammers don't work very well at the moment but I'll try to fix it somehow and add even more stuff.


I just like the aesthetic of it all. Dunno if most of the textures and models are default unity ones or not, but the simplistic design does seem interesting for the subject matter. If you're not trying to go for anything TOO serious, I'd suggest keeping it or making something similar in terms of visual style. Something to keep it apart from the crowd.

Another thing - again I have no idea what you're going for with this game - it would be really neat to have the game focus on the platforming bit. The gif for the game basically sold me on it, crazy shit flying all over the place is pretty solid, and if you were to expand on that it'd be a pretty good idea, in my opinion. Just my two cents.

Thanks for the comment,yeah most of the stuff right now was by default in the engine (which is UE4) and I hope that things will get more serious in the near future which will lead the whole thing to stand out from the crowd, because right now it almost looks like ThirdpersondefaultUE4project.exe.

I know that the strong point at the moment is the platforming, but that's because the game doesn't have proper mechanics yet and movement and platforming are the basics of the default thing in UE4. In the future the game will have some combat, some more puzzle parts, parts with combat, puzzle and platforming all in one. I'll update the description to say that the general aim of the game will be an action adventure game like any 3D Zelda but with some platforming as well to make it more entertaining.

Again, thanks for the comments, it's nice to get some feedback here and there. Also I'll upload a new version in 3 days or so. Few things have changed since the last one, and proper mechanics are still missing but you're welcome to come and make a try if you want to.