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2063 is a 3D Hack and Slash game. It was made by 5 artists and 2 programmers, students of ESAT in Valencia, Spain. Students of Berklee also collaborated creating the soundtrack.

In 2063 you will take the role of Katsu, who awakes after 10 years cryogenized and discovers that he has mutant powers. You will travel through the island of Odaiba in the city of Tokyo in a post-apocalyptic setting that still has electricity running thanks to clean energy.

The full process of development was 9 months long. Please understand this was our first project, it still has bugs that we are not going to solve because we already passed the deadline. We don't plan on develop further this project, but feel free to give us any feedback we can take for future projects.


You will need a decent computer to move 2063. Keep in mind this is just a student project and our main focus wasn't to optimize the game for toasters.

Should run fine in a setup similar and lower to this one:

Windows 7 (should run at least in Vista)

GTX 770


i5-4690 3.50ghZ

Install instructions

Unpack with 7z or similar, run the .exe and play. If you want fullscreen, you have to create a desktop shortcut and inside properties write " -fullscreen" at the end of the target name.

If you want to jump between the 4 different levels this demo, the shortcuts in order are the numbers 7, 8, 9 and 0.

It was made with a controller in mind, you will learn the controls through the tutorial, however if you want to use keyboard these are the controls:

WASD to move

Spacebar to dash

Left click - Fast attack

Right click - Area attack

ctrl + left click - Strong attack

shift + left click - Grab enemies

shift + right click - Go to enemies

Alt - Transform

E - Interact

R - Reset the level

Enter - Respawn when dead

ESC - Pause


2063_ENG.7z Part 1 500 MB
2063_ENG.7z Part 2 300 MB
2063.part01.rar-spanish 500 MB
2063.part02.rar-spanish 500 MB
2063.part03.rar-spanish 47 MB


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The link to part 2 doesn't seem to work.