A downloadable game for Windows

Gameplay prototype for Sorceress, contains no actual levels, just a testing area.

Sorceress is a first person magic-based game in development in which you are a young Sorceress exploring a castle and overcoming its challenges and masters.

You can walk around, kick stuff, use a few weapons, interact with several things, etc. This demo is meant to be for testing the gamefeel, the controls, systems in development, that sort of stuff.

Looking for feedback on:
Moving around, sprinting, dashing, kicking, jumping, crouching, does it feel good and responsive?
Gamepad support, is it working well? (probably not, haven't updated it for a few months now)
Alt fire mode on gamepad, makes sense? Is nice to use?
Can you see yourself enjoying a game built around some of this stuff???

 Any thoughts you have on that please send them to me at:
twitter @wabbaboy
discord  Wabbaboy#3841

Control scheme and other details are in the game, both Keyboard+m and Gamepad are supported.

Press Numpad 5 to toggle secret dev menu
Press Numpad 1 for sick slowmo mode

Known issues:

-Lack of many audio  feedback
-Annoying character voices
-Enemies in bubble bug
-Fire gauntlet click hold gives me seizures
-Jank gamefeel on enemy possession
-Temporal control promps only show PC


Sorceress Testing Area DD32 x64 279 MB