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hi ! is there actually a way to end the game ? I mean I've found a few gems, and stuck them where they should, but I still miss 3 or 4 and don't know where they could be... PS : You didn't spell "Bepis" correctly :) . 


Not really, I guess I didn't express that enough in the description. This is more of a 3D environment showcase than a game.

All the keys are there tho and you can open the safe but I don't really know which of them you are missing but I would guess one is in the secret room, which you can find using a red book on a shelf. And maybe the Earth key which is behind the painting of Prometheus eating his son. The rest of the keys are around the room in plain sight so I would guess you got all of those.

Sorry for the trouble, thanks for playing it anyway.


Just leaving this here.

Awesome looking demo, it was just fun to run around and knock stuff over.  Everything looked great!

That's very kind thank you.